Market Rate Multifamily

Designing market rate properties for the optimal resident experience in balance with long-term operational needs.

HDJ has in-house architectural, interior design, and engineering services. We know how bumpy the road can be to get to a closing. Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to rely on fewer consultants and prioritize your development needs.

External view of entrance to a multi-family living complex at night. The stairs and the entrance are well lit.

Project Types in Market Rate Multifamily:

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3200 Lakeview – North Chicago

We believe in working with our clients as trusted advisors to provide efficiently planned and designed projects that maximize value within a budget.

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TEN21 | Muskegon, MI

Downtown Muskegon is undergoing an impressive transformation, and the General Capital Group has played a crucial role. Community reinvestment, redevelopment, and revitalization are vital to this change. The heart of Muskegon’s Lakeshore has seen a growing community come alive with history, art, performance venues, and culture. This growth has created the need for more affordable living options. TEN21 Apartments is the General Capital+HDJ team’s latest endeavor and an exceptional example of this growth and transformation.

How do we meet the challenge of developing affordable living workforce housing solutions? This is a challenge facing communities throughout the country, including West Michigan. One ardent and perceptive developer is helping meet this affordable living challenge by transforming the residential experience.Magnus Capital Partners (Magnus), a privately-held asset management and real estate investment firm, focuses on developing innovative residential communities.

HDJ is an award winning group with outstanding recognition in the Affordable Housing industry. Here are a couple of honorable mentions and awards. 

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