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HDJ Experience Video Summary:

“Our incredible team at HDJ works together like a family. We challenge each other and everyone works together for a common goal. We enjoy coming to work everyday and enjoy having fun with each other.”

The HDJ team thrives in a dedicated hybrid work environment with a combination of production office and distributed workforce locations throughout the United States.

Improving Lives Through Design

We’re innovators, solution finders, adventure seekers, and dedicated deliverers of design for developers. Meet your HDJ Team

Adam Wise_Graduate of Architecture

Adam Wise

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Alex Kerslake.

Alex Kerslake

Mechanical Engineer

Amelia ElliottAIA_NCARB_Project Manager

Amelia Elliott, AIA, NCARB

Project Manager

Headshot of Brian Hoehn.

Brian Hoehn, AIA

Vice President Architecture

Headshot of Brian McDonnell.

Brian McDonnell, AIA

Vice President of Special Projects

Headshot of Brian Welsh.

Brian Welsh, AIA

Senior Project Architect | Technical Leader

Headshot of Brian Boucher.

Brion Boucher, AIA

Senior Project Manager

Caleb Gaffner_Engineer Intern

Caleb Gaffner

Engineer Intern

Carlee Castle_Interior Design Intern

Carlee Castle

Interior Design Intern

Headshot of Christian Matthews.

Christian Matthews

Electrical Engineer

Headshot of Cindy Krause.

Cindy Krause

Graphic Designer

Headshot of Dave Smith.

Dave Smith

Senior BIM Specialist

Headshot of Dave Steinhauer.

Dave Steinhauer, AIA, NCARB

QA/QC + Housing DNA Manager

Headshot of David Layman.

David Layman, AIA

President | CEO

Headshot of David Spiegel, EIT.

David Spiegel, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Dee Knoff AIA - Project Architect

Dee Knoff, AIA

Project Architect

Declan DeMille

Declan DeMille

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Doug Petteys.

Doug Petteys

Senior BIM Specialist

Erica Behm_Graduate of Architecture

Erica Behm

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Eric Maring.

Eric Maring, AIA, NCARB

Lead Project Architect

Headshot of Erin Gallagher.

Erin Hill

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Greg Hoogland.

Greg Hoogland

Project Architect

Headshot of Greg Roberts, PE.

Greg Roberts, PE

Electrical Engineer

Headshot of Greg Wilson.

Greg Wilson

BIM Specialist

Headshot of Ike Kuiper.

Ike Kuiper, PE

Mechanical Engineer

Headshot of Jacob Davies.

Jacob Davies

Graduate of Architecture

Jacob Gaudette

Jacob Gaudette

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Headshot of Jeff Murphy.

Jeff Murphy

Senior BIM Specialist

Headshot of Jessica Stewart.

Jessica Stewart

Project Management Team

Headshot of Josh Hahn.

Josh Hahn

Vice President

Headshot of Josh Wahr.

Josh Wahr

Mechanical Engineer

Headshot of Joshua Awabdeh.

Joshua Awabdeh, AIA

Project Architect

Headshot of Josh Kevwitch.

Joshua Kevwitch

BIM Specialist

Headshot of Julianne Johnson.

Julianne Johnson, NCIDQ, IIDA

Interior Designer

Headshot of Keara Anderson.

Keara Anderson, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Headshot of Kevin Krol.

Kevin Krol, AIA

Lead Project Architect

Headshot of Kimberly Romanosky.

Kimberly Romanosky

Project Specialist

Headshot of Ladd Marks.

Ladd Marks, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer

Headshot of Kyle VanKlompenberg.

Kyle VanKlompenberg

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Lane Bentsen.

Lane Bentsen, PE

Vice President Engineering

Headshot of Laura Wierman.

Laura Wierman

Mechanical Engineer

Lauren Kelly_Graduate of Architecture

Lauren Kelly

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Lisa Abraham.

Lisa Abraham

Senior BIM Specialist

Headshot of Melissa Brower.

Melissa Brower

Financial Controller

Headshot of Mickayla Crandall.

Mickayla Crandall

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Natalie Fox.

Natalie Fox

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Mitchell Sherwood.

Mitchell Sherwood

Electrical Engineering Intern

Headshot of Natalia Skinner.

Natalia Skinner, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Headshot of Nichole McNamara.

Nichole McNamara, AIA

Lead Project Architect

Nicole CaldwellAIA_Project Architect

Nicole Caldwell, AIA

Project Architect

Oran Lindsey

Oran Lindsey

Graduate of Architecture

Headshot of Patrick Kelderhouse.

Patrick Kelderhouse, AIA

Lead Project Architect

Headshot of Phil Komar.

Phil Komar

Senior Vice President

Headshot of Richard Burrow.

Richard Burrow, AIA, CASp

Lead Project Architect

Headshot of Rob Gustafson.

Rob Gustafson, PE

Senior Vice President Operations

Headshot of Robin Hinton.

Robin Hinton

Vice President People + Talent

Headshot of Rob Sherwood.

Rob Sherwood

Electrical Engineer

Headshot of Scott Haskins.

Scott Haskins

Electrical Engineer

Headshot of Tamara Lothschutz.

Tamara Lothschutz

Administrative Team

Headshot of Steve VanAst, EIT.

Steve VanAst, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Headshot of Tammy Gould.

Tammy Gould

Project Data Manager

Headshot of Wes Tanner.

Wes Tanner

Administration | Marketing

Headshot of Will Mouw.

Will Mouw

Electrical Engineer

Tiffany AckermanAIA_Lead Project Architect

Tiffany Ackerman, AIA

Lead Project Architect

Headshot of Todd Wolf.

Todd Wolf

Senior BIM Specialist

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