The HDJ Experience Video Transcript


The culture of Hooker DeJong to me is like going to work to hang out with my friends.


It’s kind of family oriented and they make it a priority to get together.


Whether it’s once a year for the picnic or setting up different get together throughout the year to get together.


Hang out and get to know each other. You want to see the people you work with that day. If you’re not going in going, oh, man, I wish I didn’t have to be here today.


We have an incredible group of people that come together on a daily basis to work, to put out a great product and we have fun doing it. My coworkers are pretty fun to work with. It’s always exciting to come to work because it’s fun and we have so many talented and creative people that work for our company that when I get to work, I know that I’m going to learn something and I know we’re going to have fun at some point. It’s like a family. Everyone works together for the common goal.


We’re all very fun to be around and fun to chat with, but also very progress oriented. Everybody’s friendly with each other. It feels good and just the interaction between everybody makes it a very welcoming place to work. Everybody kind of looks out for each other. I think everybody’s willing to pitch in. I think the mentality that helping somebody else achieve is just as rewarding as being able to do something yourself.


We are all kind of in this one, collage together, working on our outcomes, but we do kind of have our own autonomy which allows us to develop our skills.


We’re very unique and in the sense of community that we have. It is a very family feel and we’re truly cared about each other and I find that very refreshing. We care about our work, but we also care about each other as people.

“What words would you use to describe HDJ?”


Enthusiasm, drive, and tenacity.


We’re aggressive, we’re self improving, and we’re cared.






Helpful and kind.








I would say passionate, welcoming, and a family.

“Join our family and help us continue to improve lives through design.”